Thursday, 30 July 2015

Doll Day: Learning and Fun in a Happy Afternoon

By Annemarie Christie

Annemarie discussing doll clothes                    Photo by Bill Brennan

Nine little girls and their dolls arrived at the museum on Monday, July 27th for the first ever Doll Day, presented at the Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove Museum. The girls were dressed for the occasion, many of them in matching outfits with their doll’s outfit. Little girls, dolls and fancy clothes have a long history, some of which we explored during the event. The event was created to teach children about this history and to ask some thoughtful questions, while at the same time having fun with their dolls and even enjoying a little “tea party” after.

Lila introducing her doll Lisa                                Photo by Bill Brennan

The event began with the girls writing up name labels for themselves, and also for their dolls. I asked them to introduce themselves and their dolls, and explain why the doll they brought is their favourite. I then discussed the history of dolls and various types of dolls, from early wooden dolls to the modern dolls I had brought. We talked about baby dolls, Barbie dolls, national costume dolls, character dolls (like Anne of Green Gables), modern porcelain dolls and “grown up” dolls in fancy dress and high heels, such as the museum has in their collection (see below). The girls were fascinated, asked lots of questions and shared their thoughts.

Two dolls in fancy dress; part of the “Nina” doll series created in the 1950s by the Canadian company, Dee an Cee.           Photo by Annemarie Christie

Katie took the girls on a short tour and scavenger hunt in the museum while the tea party was set up. When the girls returned we served apple juice from a teapot into real china tea cups, passed around some cookies and sat down with them to just relax and talk and have fun. Lollipops were handed out as well!

Willow at the tea party                                     Photo by Bill Brennan

Afterwards photos were taken of the girls and their dolls:

Vera and Chloe                 Photo by Annemarie Christie

Everybody who attended loves dolls. Even as adults many of us still love dolls and keep a favourite childhood doll forever. I am one of those, as is Katie, who brought her Anne of Green Gables doll. Why do we love dolls so much?  Dolls are fun, plain and simple! They are cute. And you can dress them in lots of different clothes. What’s not to love? We like to have them around and we like to play with them. Throw a tea party into the mix, and you have an afternoon of pure happiness. This is exactly what we experienced on our lovely Doll Day.

                                                                             -- Annemarie

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